Iets Gaafs! :)

Toen mijn collega schrijver Jeffrey Debris aan mij vroeg of ik een karakter wilde ontwerpen voor het vervolg op The Shaedon Resurgence – The fall of Netherea, zei ik natuurlijk volmondig JA! 🙂

Ik vind zijn eerste boek helemaal geweldig en om dan te mogen meehelpen aan de ontwikkeling van het tweede deel is dan ook een grote eer.


Dit is mijn karakter geworden: (haar ruimteschip is vernoemd naar Libertalia! 🙂 )

Intergalactic Alliance Database File: #314.Kay-Kev-6.02

Occupation: Mercenary Captain

Full Name: Kayla Tailspin

Species:  Kevar

Date of birth: 31570317

Place of birth: Kevar Prime

Before she became the feared mercenary captain of the infamous ship “Libertalia”, Kayla Tailspin was nothing more than a Kevar outcast. After failing her pilgrimage, she was sold to a Gald magnate to serve as his personal bodyguard. Given her volatile nature it wasn’t long before she eventually snapped. When she disobeyed the orders her new owner had given, she also managed to get him killed. With her quick wits, she managed to negotiate with her former owner’s assailants for her freedom, offering her services to them, until she could get by on her own.

Kayla has a grey fur with black stripes. Her eyes are a piercing emerald green and always seem filled with a burning fury. She stands at one meters and seventy-nine centimetres, which is only slightly above average for Kevar females. Her left ear is pierced with a row of five small rings. Given her rough life, Kayla has a muscular build, even compared to other Kevar her age. She wears a full body armour, including a personal stealth generator, which is quite common among her people. The armour is painted white with purple lines at the sides, running all the way up to the neck.

Becoming the captain of a mercenary ship didn’t come easily to Kayla. She is well versed in hand-to-hand combat and prefers a battle axe. She is also a crack shot with a sniper. Kayla’s volatile personality can often lead her to more trouble than she bargained for, but her agility, strength and fury are often enough to put fear in the hearts of her foes.

How exactly she became the captain of the “Libertalia” remains shrouded in mystery. There are many wild stories regarding the boarding of the ship and how she managed to overthrow its former captain, a <race> named <insert geeky reference here>. Regardless of how she gained ownership of the vessel, no one questions her authority, nor dares to challenge it.

The “Libertalia” is a heavy cruiser of Human design. It has a crew compliment of around two hundred. Its docking bay is equipped with five fighters, three interceptors and two bomber-type ships, which are often deployed during raids on other ships. The ship itself is heavily armed with over fifty laser batteries, twenty ion-cannons and five missile bays. Armour-wise the ship has a weaponized hull, allowing it to ram other vessels without worry for its own safety.

Voor meer info over The Shaedon Resurgence – The fall of Netherea ga je naar

Jeffrey Debris kun je vinden op



Over Just Patty

Just Patty is a Dutch author who writes Fantasy and Poetry. She models and photographs and has a curious spirit.
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